BEMS Support Offering Made Easy

BEMS Support Offering Made Easy


To ensure the best performance from a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) and the equipment it controls, it’s essential to provide an adequate maintenance regime. 

When “maintenance” is provided on a reactive basis, energy consumption is not effectively managed. Comfort conditions can deteriorate, causing productivity reductions and then problems are only dealt with when they become serious, often with higher eventual costs and operational disruption.


In choosing a Support Provider it is important to ensure that the attending Engineers are technically competent, well equipped and can work safely whilst on site. 

Our well trained Support Team follow the working procedures described in our Quality Management System, made safe through our Safe Contractor accredited approach to Health & Safety. Well defined Support Contracts ensure that our Customers' needs and budgets are met – Support Services made easy!


According to Energy in Buildings & Industry (EiBI), a well-designed BEMS can achieve energy savings of between 10 and 20% compared with discrete building controls.

However over time, the changes in building use, accumulated configuration modifications and deterioration in sensing devices can cause this advantage to be lost. The BSRIA Maintenance Guide also note that energy savings are lost and environmental control worsens due to lack of maintenance.

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