Reduced Electricity Charges Through Triad Periods

Defined as the 3 half-hours of highest demand on the GB electricity transmission system between November and February each year, the Triads are part of a charge-setting process. This identifies peak electricity demand at three points during the winter in order to minimise energy consumption.

The Triad charging system is one way that large commercial users of electricity can reduce their energy charges by decreasing consumption over peak periods. This can be done by switching off or slowing down HVAC plant at a time that might coincide with one of the 3 half-hour periods of peak demand.

In conjunction with Engineering Managers from Broadgate Estates, IO Controls Ltd have configured “Triad Modes” in various buildings across Regents Place. The National Grid will often give Triad warnings at short notice and Broadgate’s managers are now able to activate their building’s Triad Mode quickly and effectively.

HVAC plant output is reduced or stopped altogether where practical and this is achieved by the automated adjustment of various system settings. For example the CHW temperature setpoint is increased, pump speeds reduced and AHU working pressures decreased.  

By implementing this strategy during the 2016-17 period, Broadgate Estates estimate that electricity charge will be significantly reduced over the next 12 months and provides a clear illustration for the impact that a well-engineered BEMS can have.

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