Adding Value To A BEMS Upgrade At Historic Events Venue

Opened in December 1886, Olympia London is an iconic Events Venue with a long and distinguished history. The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) across Site is operated and monitored by a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) which is manufactured by Trend Control Systems.

As the BEMS hardware at Olympia reached the end of it lifecycle, IO Controls Ltd were approached to provide a system upgrade proposal. There is scope to offer Customers alternative and competitively priced systems from other manufacturers but it’s at this point that IO Controls refer to our Quality Procedures for guidance. These state that all works are based on clear Customer Value and will meet the expectations of all Stakeholders.

During the sales process, particular attention was paid to the changes that had occurred on Site over the lifespan of the existing BEMS. Successive refurbishments to the Venue had resulted in changes to the HVAC and it was noticed that the BEMS was now around 40% redundant. By crafting an upgrade proposal which accurately reflected existing requirements (as opposed to a like-for-like match, which is so often the norm) we were able to deliver significant savings on hardware without reducing system functionality.

Trend Control Systems is unique in our industry, being the only manufacturer which remains fully backward compatible across its product range from its launch in the 1980s. Coupling this particular strength with the huge value added during our sales process, we were able to exceed the financial expectations of our Customer whilst delivering an improved system which remained familiar to the Site Engineering Team.

After securing this Project, our works were closely coordinated with our new Customer and a great future-proof system was installed without disruption to the Venue’s daily activities. IO Controls have been retained as the incumbent BEMS Support Provider at Olympia London and continue to deliver Projects which are highly aligned with our values.

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